Lake George Boat Weddings & Cruise Ship Receptions

When you think of a Lake George wedding, getting married on the often comes to mind. There are a number of boats and cruise ships that dock in the lake, and offer wedding ceremony and reception packages. If saying your vows on the deck of a ship and dancing the night away while cruising on Lake George sounds like the perfect wedding day, check out the below businesses that can help make your dream a reality.

Dance Floor
Lac du Saint Sacrement
Lake George, NY
Timeless, Elegant, Memorable!

Let us help you with the wedding of your dreams! Lake George Boat Weddings at the Lake George Steamboat Company offers you the most unique and beautiful setting you can imagine!

Ceremony aboard the Mohican
The Mohican
Lake George, NY
Timeless, Elegant, Memorable!

wedding decorations including a paddle with a carving of lake george
Lake George Shoreline Cruises
Lake George, NY

Make memories with us!

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